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The Old Holt Homestead

Sale of Woodland Farm

Celebrating the Life of Ethelene Holt Rich

Memoirs of Mildred Elma Holt Miles

Memoirs of Ruth McMullan

A Eulogy for the life of James Elliott McMullan

Memoirs of Bevley Dan Holt

Memoirs of Robert Holt

Memoirs of David Holt

Memories of Huey Holt by Family Members

Mattie Holt "How to get a husband and seven kids off to Sunday school"

Elizabeth Ann Rich

Lonnie Charles Rich's Bio

Robert Dan Rich's Bio

David Harrison Holt, Jr.'s Bio

David Holt - Haves and Have Nots

Photos - Danma and Danda

Photos - David Holt

Photos - Ethelene Rich

Photos - Sam Rich

Photos - Ruth McMullan

David Holt - 2018 MHS Alumni Association Honoree